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Hair Ties by Kitsch are specially designed to be kind on your hair and cute on your wrist, meaning they are crease-less and do not bend your ponytail or get caught in your hair and they double as a fashionable bracelet. Our one-of-a-kind ponytail holders come in various colors, assortments, prints, and patterns. Each unique combination allows the wearer to express their personal creativity and individuality all while maintaining the functionality of a classic hair elastic. Our hair ties are great to use during your fitness routine, taking to a concert, at the office, in class, or relaxing at home. And you can rest assured they are made from super soft, super durable elastic so they will never bend, crease or get tangled in your hair. We're confident that these are the best hair bands you'll find.

You will find everything that you want in hair ties online at Kitsch. If you have shoulder-length hair or longer, you probably have hair ties around your wrist when you go out. Regular elastic hair ties cut into your wrist and don’t fit just right on your ponytail. Ours are designed for comfort and style when you have them on your wrist or in your hair.

Suit your personal style with hair ties in neutral colors that blend in with your hair. We have shades that match nearly any hair shade. Choose from some of our fashion styles to make a fashion statement with your hairdo. Pull a fun ponytail up on top of your head. Opt for a more sophisticated style with a loose ponytail at the nape of your neck. There’s something for all the ways you like to wear your hair.

Buy hair ties online at Kitsch that make the perfect ponytail every time. They keep your hair in place and add a little flavor to your look. They’re easy to use, and they don’t cause damage to your hair. Purchase the products you need to manage your hair online with confidence. We have the hair accessories you need for your hair type and your style that also fit into your budget.

If you really want to make a statement with your hair ties, opt for printed designs that really stand out. Choose a multi-pack with a range of colors and designs so you can wear something different every day.

Kitsch is your resource for all kinds of hair accessories and hair ties online. Choose from our wide collection of scrunchies, pro hair products, hair coils, bun pins, headbands, and hair ties. We have products that are easy to use for all types of hair. We have all the hair accessories you’re looking for.