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Sleep Caps & Bonnets

Sleep Caps & Bonnets
Kitsch has the Sleep Collection of your dreams! Our Sleep Caps & Bonnets are made from smooth, luxurious satin, giving you the beauty rest you deserve! Our products are designed to preserve your style overnight and keep your hair frizz-free! Great for textured, curly, and natural hair, our sleep collection has multiple styles and sizes to choose from - whatever your needs.

High-quality satin provides a friction-free barrier for all hair types and protects your hair while you snooze. Our caps, bonnets, and beanies help to maintain the shape of your hair so that you can sleep worry-free. They reduce breakage, tangles, and hair thinning. This means that you are helping maintain beautiful hair while you sleep! Pair our products with your favorite leave-in conditioner or hair product to seal in moisture and encourage growth overnight!

Our Satin-Lined Sleep Beanie is chic enough for wear day or night, securely protecting your hair during use. Our Satin Bonnet comes in both a regular and extra-full design, complete with adjustable ties so you can suit the fit to your preference. Sleep scarves are easy to tie and can be worn multiple ways. With so many designs to choose from, there is sure to be something for everyone.

Not looking for full coverage? Try our innovative Pillow Scrunchies! The satin is gentle on your hair and smoothes tangles while keeping your hair back. You’ve never felt a scrunchie like this! They are full and luxurious, you will feel like you are sleeping on a cloud.

In case you are looking to style while you sleep, our Satin Pillow Rollers give you effortless waves and curls without the heat damage. Snap closures keep your hair secure, while satin wrapping ensures your hair stays smooth and tangle-free. Removal does not result in the tugging and hassle of other kinds of rollers, giving you a classic beautiful look come morning.

Our stylish designs are easy to wear and effective. Revolutionize your nighttime routine and keep away the hair nightmares with Kitsch Sleep Accessories!