Scrunchies per asciugamani - Leopardo
Scrunchies per asciugamani - Leopardo
Scrunchies per asciugamani - Leopardo
Scrunchies per asciugamani - Leopardo
Scrunchies per asciugamani - Leopardo

Scrunchies per asciugamani - Leopardo

  • Il morbido materiale naturale è delicato su tutti i tipi di capelli
  • Fibre naturali al 100% altamente assorbenti
  • Privo di sostanze chimiche e completamente biodegradabile
  • Aiuta a ridurre il tempo di asciugatura a caldo
  • Il design oversize assorbe ancora più umidità
  • Aiuta a domare l'effetto crespo e a ridurre la rottura dei capelli
  • Perfetto per capelli bagnati in movimento: palestra, hot yoga, spiaggia e piscina
  • 2 elastici per asciugamani inclusi
  • La confezione funziona come una custodia da viaggio impermeabile riutilizzabile

Questi elastici lussuosamente morbidi e assorbenti tengono i capelli indietro dopo la doccia mentre li asciughi! Creati consapevolmente da cotone biologico e bambù, quindi sono rispettosi dell'ambiente e delicati per i tuoi capelli. Questi elastici si adattano a tutte le lunghezze dei capelli e allo stesso tempo offrono comfort durante le tue routine post-doccia.

    4 Reasons Why Millions of Women are using Towel Scrunchies

    1. lighter & less breakage

    A twisted-up towel usually tugs my head in all directions, so towel scrunchies saved me from some major neck pain. The weight of an increasingly wet towel can also cause breakage not only throughout the hair’s shaft, but directly at the roots, particularly along your hairline.

    2. freeing up your face

    I always find myself having to shift towels around during my skincare routine to be able to get to all edges of my face. The towel scrunchie eliminates that problem—now, it's as easy as nights when I haven't washed my hair. 

    3. limiting heat exposure

    When I tried the towel scrunchie overnight, my hair was in the ideal state for a 10-minute blast of heat (much shorter than it usually takes me) before leaving for the day. If you blow dry your hair often, the limited heat exposure will really add up over time, so using a towel scrunchie will help to keep you from doing too much damage.

    4. helps prevent snags

    Cotton towels are made with tiny loops that can get caught in your hair and snag it. Not only can this be painful, but it can also cause your hair to break off as you are trying to untangle it. The smoothness of satin-wrapped towels means that there are no loops to get intertwined with your hair.

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